Women HRLeaders Program

HR Leaders: Prepared for the Digital Revolution

An Exclusive Course for Women Human Resource (HR) Executives

Course Agenda

As an HR Executive, you are – now more than ever before - an essential strategic partner to your Board. In an era of constant and rapid change, coupled with a shortage of qualified workers, your role as people leader will grow in importance. Are you prepared?

You face special challenges as a women in HR:

  • To succeed, you must convince a predominately male Board that it is essential to invest in “soft” measures to enable your personnel to be agile.
  • Your success depends on whether you can convince your Board and motivate your employees to embrace change and innovate.
  • And then when you succeed, you and your team must develop and motivate your company’s entire workforce to accept - or even embrace change.

These are not easy tasks. Do you have the skills and the perspective that you need?

We are here to help. This targeted course will enable you to draw on the unique skills that you already have as a leader, and discover new talents. You will learn HR theory, popular and new models and most important, the practical tools that you need to master transformation. This hands-on course places emphasis on learning by doing. You will learn in classroom labs, field trips and in the barn. This unique course utilizes horses as leadership coaches. It is certified by HorseDream®, a global association for the utilization of horses in educational activi

You must be a woman HR leader in a management or executive role to participate in this course.