Schröer Consulting delivers solutions für Personnel Management.

Globalization, demographic change and skilled workers shortage will influence the orientation of strategic human resources management. To be furthermore successful, companies need to start now to professionalize their human resources work.

SCHRÖER CONSULTING located in Bocholt delivers customized concepts for your human resources management. Through our long term experience in management functions we know your perspective and can support you exactly according to your needs.

Tool Case: The Schröer Consulting approach of Human Resources Management

We have integrated all elements of a comprehensive human resources management in our tool case. Even if the realization and the ways of working may differ in companies, these elements always form the base for a professional human resources management. The model clarifies the duality between company strategy and employee needs on a look. Main focus is on the core process of human resources management "From the joing to the exit of an employee". On a higher level the tool case deals with the elements organizational development, leadership and culture as well as internal communication.

According to your objectives we identify the appropriate tool for your needs.

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves

Galileo Gallilei

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